Things are a-changing. From September I will be studying for my PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, part-time, and I’m so incredibly excited about it. It’s a combination of writing a novel and producing a critical thesis on something that I can’t wait to explore – culture and trends, understanding wy we do the things we do. People fascinate me and I want to learn more about us, the ways we operate.

I’ve decided that I’ll use this blog to share my learnings and experiences as I embark on this massive journey over the next few years, as that’ll be more interesting than me moaning about how I can’t make a scene work. Though I’ll probably write about that as well. You have been warned.

I’ve started on the little things to get ready, well, stationery. I fricking love stationery, and I’m building up a collection of notepads (lined and unlined), pens, sticky notes, record cards. Time to get a cork board and get my inspiration visuals on display. There’s a desk on order, a small one that’ll fit in the corner.

And then there’s the planning. That has kicked off too, working out topics to study, people to interview, places to go, institutes to visit. It’s going to be a beast of thing and I can’t wait.

So now it begins. You should come with me.

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