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How to panic.

I mean, being told you have a brain tumour is one of the most horrible things that can happen to you. It didn’t help that I was slightly hungover after a celebratory evening, the sun… Read More »How to panic.

Why this, why now

There’s so little information out there about brain tumours and how to live with them despite 1 in 69 UK males and 1 in 65 UK females being diagnosed with them. 11,000 people are told every year that they… Read More »Why this, why now

Princess White

I was lucky enough to spend a few days at the University of Mississippi, going through their blues archives when a photo of an elegant mixed race woman wearing a fur fell out of a… Read More »Princess White

Mamie Desdunes

“This is the first blues I no doubt heard in my life. Mamie Desdunes, this is her favourite blues. She hardly could play anything else more, but she really could play this number. Of course,… Read More »Mamie Desdunes